Artist: Bekah Brown, Artist and Fabricator

Title: LET GO

Year: 2022

Medium: Ice, water colour pigment, water colour paper

Dimensions: Sculpture: 3.5" x 5.25", Paper: 11" x 15"

Location: Toronto ON Canada

This ice sculpture is symbolic of holding tightly to something in an attempt to protect it.  In this case, the blue pigment is useless as its trapped inside the ice, gripped tightly in its grasp.  It cannot fulfill its purpose because there's no room to move or breathe or grow.  This grip is unconscious, a learned response that feels instinctual.  It is driven by expectations of perfection that inversely dictate every step of the journey, thus removing the beauty and wisdom gained from experimentation, making mistakes, and learning from said mistakes.  As the ice fist melts, the pigment gains room to interact with the water, leaving a lasting mark on the paper.  This exploration was process driven, with no attempt to manipulate it to achieve a preconceived result; proof that letting go is beautiful.  It serves as a reminder that perfection does not equal adequacy, strength, or success; that the journey is paramount.

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