Bekah is a multi-disciplinaryartist of Anishinaabe and mixed European descent who grew up on Dene territory.She uses beadwork, fashion, and multi-media installations to tell storiesthrough collaboration with community. Her work focuses on the junction of whatshe is learning and what she sees in society, working to foreground issuescolonialism perpetuates. She enjoys creating bold multi-media work, which shefavours for the encompassing experience as she works to draw viewers in,creating opportunity for thought provocation and discussion surrounding hersubject matter. Her work is a form of personal healing, connection, andcommunication between her and society.


Bekah’s creative practice encompasses fashion design, beadwork, and installation pieces.  She is a fashion designer by trade that has recently expanded her creative practice to include beadwork and installations.

Her designs are clean and timeless, favouring natural fabrics such as wool, cotton, and silk.  She loves to work with colour in her beadwork, creating patches as well as earrings and necklaces.  Her contemporary art practice is relatively new but she appreciates creating installations that make a bold statement, often multimedia in nature, favoured for the encompassing experience.

Her inspiration stems from what she sees around her in society.  She focuses on issues Indigenous women and people continue to face in an effort to increase awareness and to serve as a reminder that Indigenous people are still here and are resilient.  She works to draw the viewer in, creating opportunity for thought provocation and discussion surrounding her subject matter.  Her work is a form of communication between her and society.

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