Bekah is a multi-disciplinary artist; her practice includes fashion, textiles, and mixed media installations.  Her work delves into ancestral stories and their influence on her identity and experience, shaped by a non-visible disability and neurodivergence. This exploration is fundamental to her understanding and healing, aiming to create work that resonates emotionally and validates diverse experiences.


As a multi-disciplinary artist with training in fashion design and biology, my work spans textiles, performance, light installations, and outdoor motion-activated pieces. I constantly explore new mediums, allowing me to delve deeply into my subject matter without being constrained by conventions.

My artistic journey revolves around themes of identity and belonging. I explore my ancestry and experiences with post-concussion syndrome, undiagnosed ADHD, and other mental health challenges. Creating art helps me process these experiences and potentially connect with others facing similar challenges, making this sense of connection fundamental to my practice.

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