Bekah is a multi-disciplinary artist based in southern Ontario.  Her practice includes fashion, textiles, beadwork, and public art installations. She chooses to share parts of her ancestral exploration through her work as she learns how the stories within each tradition have influenced who she is as well as her experiences living with undiagnosed ADHD and a high functioning disability.  She shares her experiences with the hope that someone may connect with the work and recognize that their experiences are acknowledged and are valid.

Artist Statement

As a multi disciplinary installation artist trained in fashion design, my work ranges greatly; including textile work, performance and light installations, and outdoor motion activated pieces.  The thing I love most is trying something  new, which means I am often tackling a medium new to me whilst creating a piece.  This gets me  out of my head and helps me explore my subject matter rather than getting stuck in expectations and conventions.  

My work often focuses on where I fit within this world and society.  This includes the exploration of my ancestry as well as my experience living with post concussion syndrome, previously undiagnosed ADHD, and other factors affecting my mental health.  I am driven to continue exploring and engaging with my experiences as creating helps me process them and, though I have never felt a true sense of belonging, my work offers a potential connection point with others who may have similar experiences.  For these reasons, I truly value the creation process and conversations that happen around my work.  

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