Artist: Bekah Brown, Artist and Fabricator

Title: ALONE

Year: 2022

Medium: Ice sculpture and water colour paper in wooden frame

Dimensions: Frame 34.24" x 26.5", Hand: 8.75" x 7.5"

Event: Launchpad Open House

Location: Toronto ON Canada

We have an innate need for human connection but that can be difficult when feeling isolated, insecure, uncertain, like a failure, and when we've been forced to physically isolate.  ALONE opens space for conversation about these feelings, thoughts, and experiences and moving past them to form connections while we have the opportunity.  These thoughts and feelings holding us back, subconsciously or consciously, only harms us so it is always worth trying to make a connection.  Ice as a medium is transitory, representing our limited existence and the limited opportunities we have while here, emphasizing the importance of making an effort to break past those barriers.

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