Artist: Bekah Brown, Artist and Fabricator


Year: 2022/2023

Medium: Driveway reflectors, motion sensors, light

Dimensions: Sculpture: 30' x 30'

Location: Pickering ON Canada

FIREWEED is an interpretation of a field filled with fireweed plants constructed from driveway reflectors.  It is a symbol of grief, resilience, and hope. The fireweed plant is a healer of both land and people; it is one of the first plants to bring life back to an area following a forest fire and it has medicinal properties known around the world. As such, the piece creates space for mourning what’s been lost during the COVID-19 pandemic while celebrating resilience. The presence of viewers activates the piece, providing light for each sculpture to reflect. This signifies the joy and strength that comes from connecting with each other, creating strong support networks that aid in healing individual and collective loss. 

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